Industrial infrastructure is developing in Dashoguz velayat

In Dashoguz velayat, a complex of measures is being carried out to ensure large and small settlements with a complete social and industrial infrastructure.

One important component of such activities is the further development and modernization of gas infrastructure. A large volume of work in this direction is being carried out in rural areas of the region. 

For instance, only this year, works were carried out to lay gas pipelines of various lengths and construct internal distribution networks in a number of geneshliks of Boldumsaz etrap.

Therefore, in Amu Darya geneshlik, the length of the pipeline was about one kilometer, and it exceeded one kilometer and four hundred meters in Baydak geneshlik.

The works being carried out are aimed at providing newly constructed buildings of various purposes with environmentally friendly natural fuel, increasing the reliability of gas supply to consumers and improving the efficiency of gas distribution networks.

The sequential development of infrastructure is one of the main factors in the socio-economic development of regions.

Due to the National Transformation Program and other major state projects, a large number of roads and various engineering communications have been built or reconstructed in accordance with modern requirements in the northern part of the country over the past decades. These ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas, heat and water, creating optimal conditions for the functioning of various facilities.